Learn the basics

This website has a very simple to use content management system.  Please browse through the technical documentation below, or if you prefer just ask us for a no obligation explanation by phone or meeting.  We offer  tutorials to get you going included in any new site build.

Get familiar with the content editor

The UMBRACO content editor is a leading global ADMIN system made with you in mind.  It is built to offer easy customisation so you can update your own site pictures and words etc., and with a fantastic preview function so you can always be sure you're getting exactly what you want to see on the published page.

Add content

It only takes 2 clicks to create a new page. Right clicking on any content node will bring up simple to understand instructions, allowing you to add, edit and structure infinite amounts of content to your website!

Make it pretty

Images will be automatically cropped to fit your design, so there's no need to worry about photo editing! Our system can handle "pretty much" anything you throw at it.

Assign editors

You can assign new ADMIN users (accounts) with various level of editing permissions to manage your content. You can give them as much or little control as you like, or have their changes require your approval.


You can offer your website in multiple languages from the same system. You can assign translators to content to be supplied to the other versions of your website!