Responsive design

The future is now and with over 80% of web surfers accessing sites by mobile phone and tablet, the maths is simple: If you're not adapting with a mobile responsive solution, you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential business.

Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers shop on smartphones?

Why does your website need to be mobile friendly?

Mobile usage is increasing every year, and with four in five users accessing online shopping through mobile a positive user experience equals a better conversion rate. Conversion can mean prompting a customer to 'click' on a link, or make an enquiry or sale... either way, a mobile website impacts the visibility and growth of your brand and business. A mobile responsive website is also now a google requisite for site indexing.


What is a mobile friendly website?

When looking at a website on a small screen, ask yourself “Is it easy to navigate and read information on this website?” If you have to repeatedly zoom in and out then this does not equate to a good user experience. It's as simple as that, mobile-friendly websites serve a specific set of graphics and menu options to users, all designed to simplify and improve the experience when viewing on small screens.


Google bumps down non mobile-friendly websites

Thousands of New Zealand businesses have had their websites bumped down Google’s search rankings because they do not meet the requirements for mobile. Don't panic, all our website are Google mobile compliant!  However if you know a friend or associate who 'may not have a mobile friendly site' - please refer them to PHASE3 as we offer complimentary testing and compliance advice?